The Band

Portland Standard Time - Carissa Fitzgerald, Vocals

Carissa Fitzgerald (Vocals)

Originally from the Midwest, Carissa studied music at Central Michigan University. Her background includes small jazz ensembles, and a bass and voice duet. Heavily influenced by Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin, she’s been singing since she could talk.

“Portland Standard Time has been an opportunity for me to really embrace the joy of live music performance”

Portland Standard Time - Rod Walker, Drums

Rod Walker (Drums)

Drummer and bandleader of Portland Standard Time, Rod has been working in clubs since the age of 14. He has 20 plus years in the northwest music business and has played with members of Quarterflash, Nu Shooz, Heart, Rail, Steve Miller Band, Cherry Poppin Daddies and some of the finest musicians that the Northwest has to offer.  

“PST truly is one of the very best Portland jazz bands and I am proud to be a part of it”

Portland Standard Time - Tim Rooney, Guitar

Tim Rooney (Guitar)

In decades of playing music in Portland, Tim has played with many bands in many styles, including swing, vocal jazz, hard country, Americana and R&B. He plays electric, acoustic, and slide guitar, and dabbles in mandolin, ukulele, and lap steel.

“Playing music is, at its heart, having a musical conversation. My greatest joy in playing music has always been accompanying great singers, and Carissa is among the best”.

 Eric Krueger, Bass

Eric Krueger (Bass)

Eric has been playing music since the age of eight eventually choosing to focus on bass guitar. He has toured the west coast extensively with various groups and now primarily plays jazz, funk, Latin and rock.

Portland Standard Time - Melissa Carrol, Saxophone and Flute

Melissa Carrol (Saxophone)

Melissa is an Oregon native who spent nine years in South East Asia, living, traveling and playing music.  After returning in 2012, she enrolled at Portland State University where she earned her Master’s of Music in Jazz Studies. A self-proclaimed nerd, Melissa loves all things jazz and saxophone related.

Jake Cokeley (Piano)

Jake Cokeley is a Salem area composer and performer. He has studied at Western Oregon University under accomplished jazz musicians Gordon Lee, Dan Gaynor and Christopher Woitoch. Although writing and creating original music with others is a main focus, he has also built a solid repertoire of jazz standards to perform alone or as an accompanist. Jake Cokeley also began his own music studio in 2020 offering piano instruction for students of all ages.

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